We changed our name to Cloudical Deutschland GmbH

We are a company centered around cloud technology, digitization, agile work, processes and knowledge sharing. Our founders, Michael Dombek and Karsten Samaschke, set up a company helping customers and partners to go into cloud environments the best way, with the right technique, with proper processes and with the best mindset. Cloud is more than technique but based on it. So, we know about cloud technology in public, private and hybrid environments and about the tools which complete the change from technique into cloud. And we share our knowledge, we offer implementation, trainings, coaching, security- and technology consulting. We understand cloud and technology to be part of a bigger ecosystem, which needs to be understood and transformed into the new era of computing and collaboration across all parts of enterprises and their respective environments. 

This is what we stand for! 

We were founded in September 2017. Since then the company has grown steadily, found employees in April 2018 in Faridabad near New Delhi and over the year also numerous employees in Germany, so that an office was established in Darmstadt in November 2018. At the turn of the year, a development company (applicity GmbH) was taken over as a subsidiary and transformed into Cloudical Engineering. Since May 2019 we also have a subsidiary in Wroclaw.  

Our range of content has grown over time and we have become aware of our concrete abilities and strengths – the experiences we have gained in the first two years, feedback from customers and partners as well as our own inner view, success stories and mistakes, changes in perception have increased our growth. We have the ability to do cloud! But we are more, we are technical, critical, logical, ethical, practical, dynamical, analytical, methodical, economical, and ecological. 

That´s why we choose our new name.  

So we are CLOUDICAL.  

Berlin, June 5. 2019

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