Solution Partner for Cloud Technology

Cloudibility is now Solution Partner for the Cloud offerings from SUSE

Cloudibility, a Berlin-based startup, is focused on cloud technology expertise and offers for cloud enablement, coaching, training, consulting, knowledge transfer – platform-agnostically. This makes Cloudibility the perfect partner for SUSE. As a result, Cloudibility became the newest Solution Partner of SUSE for four areas of expertise:

– SUSE OpenStack Cloud

– SUSE Enterprise Storage

– SUSE CaaS Platform


Cloudibility uses its cloud-native know-how and its experiences in public- as well as hybrid- and private cloud environments to provide professional services, management, trainings and workshops on these SUSE-products. Customers expect and demand independent consultancy and passionate cloud expertise – and Cloudibility delivers that on a day-by-day basis. And not only SUSE benefits from Cloudibility´s expertise also the various other partners like RedHat, Morpheus and the Open Telecom Cloud.

As OpenSource-advocates, Cloudibility also contributes back to the community: The just named Cloudibility among the biggest contributors to the project.

Ultimately, to Cloudibility the most important aspect of cloud-technology and cloud-native approaches is the mindset of those, who are in charge and take responsibility. Part of Cloudibilities 360° view on cloud is a platform for professional discourse, the-cloud-report magazine. Here, the ambitioned company and designated authors explain approaches, technologies and ideas, accompanied by deep-dive tests of public cloud-providers and hyperscalers.

As SUSE-solutions partner, Cloudibility continues to be an independent cloud-native consultancy but is able to deliver even deeper and sophisticated results based on OpenSource technologies and enterprise service levels provided by SUSE.



Fig. 1: Certification of the Solution Partnership

Fig. 2: The Cloud Technology Experts at the SUSECON

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